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Eclectic re-purposed furniture and crafts from Maine

From the mountains and rugged coastline of Maine to your home.  Our mission is to reclaim and re-purpose architectural pieces and create functional eclectic accent furniture and crafts.   100% of the pieces you will find here are made from reclaimed pieces found in Maine.  The only wood we use is reclaimed barn boards.  Many of these boards can be over 100 years old.  We strive to save the original hardware when possible on windows, shutters and barn doors etc.

Many years ago an instructor of mine took the time to teach me the importance of function before form in art.  I never forgot that and take this method to heart when creating these pieces.  Each item may seemingly appear to be just art.  However, I can ensure you that they are all fully functional and meant to be used in your home.  Weather it be a console table or a coat hanger, a magazine rack or coffee table, you will enjoy many years of use out of our collection.

Every piece is hand crafted in my shop located on the banks of the historic Penobscot River in Orrington, Maine.  Each item is truly a one of a kind as nothing can be identically reproduced since each piece of wood and each window or door is unique.


We can custom produce pieces to fit your individual style and needs.  If you have a idea for a item but lack the time or resources to produce it yourself we can search the back roads of Maine for the perfect pieces to re-purpose and combine into your own special creation.  Choose your colors and finish so it fits just right into your home.  We can often have these custom pieces ready for delivery in 7-10 days.  Contact us anytime if your inner artist is beckoning.


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